Our professional data recovery services specializes in recovering PC and laptop hard disk drives, backup tapes, CD & DVD media, non-volatile memory devices, stiffy diskettes and almost all other types of digital data media subjected to electro-mechanical failure, data corruption, virus infections, data deletion, or any other potential data loss situation.

We are able to recover data from drives which are not:

  • Accessible due to a mechanical failure
  • Detected after being dropped
  • Working after a power failure / power surges, spike or lightning.
  • Detected by the BIOS but reporting as unreadable.

Any Problems? We can help!
We also handle drives that are no longer recognized by the operating system.
More specifically we can help if you have corrupt or missing:

  • Master Boot Record (MBR)
  • BIOS Parameter Blocks (BPB
  • Partition Tables
  • File Allocation Tables (FAT) (for DOS/Win9x) or
  • Master File Tables (MFT) (for WinNT/Windows 2000)
  • Root Directory

We are also able to recover your data from input error’s such as accidental / intentional deleted directories and / or files, as well as many other corruption issues including Viruses!

Your data will be recovered and copied to a CD or another medium without any files or data being placed on the file system from which the recovery is made.

We support the following formats and hardware:

  • Server and RAID/NAS/SAN SCSI/SAS hard disk drive.
  • Fiber channel
  • Multi-boot, striped, spanned, mirrored and other types of RAID configurations
  • Laptop hard disk drive – IDE, SATA, Solid State
  • PC IDE, EIDE, PATA, SATA, Solid State (SLC Flash) hard disk drive
  • Compact Flash, Digital Flash card, XD, Mini & Micro SD, Jet Flash, Micro MMC memory devices.
  • Travan, AIT, DAT, DLT, ¼” Tape
  • USB, Firewire

NOTE: Be aware of strange noises coming from your hard drive, as this might be an indication of a more serious problem. Continuing to operate on your system may damage your hard drive beyond repair. If you suspect a problem exists, rather give the experts a call!