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High gain antenna for modems, cellphones and routers

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  • This high gain antenna comes with 7 m cable terminated in a SMA (m) connector. This antenna is robust and meant for a fixed, outdoor installation. The antenna has a gain of 11 dBi and covers the 694 – 1000 MHz and 1500 – 3000 MHz frequency bands. It is just over 1 m long and looks very similar to an old MNet antenna. It is supplied with a U-bolt that allows you to fit it to mount it on a pole up to 50 mm in diameter.
  • Use this antenna to improve data reception: Should you want to use it to improve your GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA reception as well, you must remember to get an adapter for your specific 3G card. We have adapters available for SIERRA WIRELESS, HUAWEI, NOVATEL and OPTION cards. See the options on your left. Add one of these to your cart should you want to use this antenna with one of these 3G cards. You can also use it with your 3G router. We have various clients that use it with the Linksys and other routers. Remember to get the adapter that goes with the 3G card.
  • Use this antenna to improve cellular voice reception:The high gain antenna can also be used with our universal adapter for improved voice reception. Look at the complete kit (antenna, cable and universal cellphone adapter) that is shown on the left.
  • If the included 7 m cable is too short you may want to purchase a 10 m extension cable (see left to order). Note that longer cable weakens the signal you receive somewhat. Always use the shortest cable possible.
  • Installation: The antenna is supplied with a U Bolt to fit on a pole up to 50 mm in diameter. Please note that the wall bracket and mounting pole is not included. Please have a look at the left for wall brackets and poles.
  • Mount the antenna on a pole outside the home or office. The antenna must be installed as high as the cable allows. It should be pointed in the direction of the cellular tower. Have a look here to get more advice on installing the antenna. Take the cable into the house or office and connect the 7m to the 30 cm long 3G adapter cable. The other end of the adapter cable gets connected to your 3G card.
  • Frequency
    694 – 1000 MHz
    1500 – 3000 MHz

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 110 × 19 × 9 cm


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